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SEATTLE --Tucked deep in a corner of Westcrest Park in West Seattle, you'll find bales of hay and hear the sounds of horses hooves. This is the headquarters for the Seattle Police Mounted Patrol.

One of the first things you'll notice is all of the officers on horseback are smiling.

I love my job, Sergeant Jim Scott of the Mounted Patrol Unit said. Working with these horses is a privilege.

The horses go through thousands of hours of training. Using a huge soft ball, the horses and riders push it around the corral.

This is used to teach crowd control, how to move people around in a safe manner, Sgt. Scott said.

Then it's time to move onto fire. Flares are set up and lit, then the horses maneuver around the burning flames in tight circles. One horse, Harvest, has been trained to walk over the flare.

We depend on these horses in safe and dangerous places, so they have to be able to handle a lot, Sgt. Scott said.

You can expect to see the Mounted Patrol at big events, Sounders' games and now the Seahawks. They also patrol in different neighborhoods. People are encouraged to interact with the animals, but it's important to ask the officer first if it's okay.

The horses are a great community outreach, and we want to encourage that, Sgt. Scott said.

If you'd like more information about the Seattle Police Mounted Patrol go to its website and Facebook page.

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