The constant presence of hunger. Wondering where her parents were. These are recurring moments in the life of Hattie Kauffman, who worked at KING TV from 1981 to 1987 before moving on to an award winning career at the ABC and CBS networks.

In her memoir Falling into Place, Kauffman reveals how her parents would leave the seven children to survive on their own for days at a time. Kauffman s nickname became Howcome because she was always asking that.

Kauffman beamed as she met former colleagues during a newsroom tour at KING.

You were always a great storyteller, said a producer, giving Kauffman a hug, always filled with emotion and feeling.

Reflecting on her difficult childhood, Kauffman said it made her a better reporter. First because it made her better able to deal with stress and chaos. Second, because it made her understand what the people she was interviewing might be feeling.

It gave me a better way to connect with people, she said.

Kauffman said the book was initially focused on her sudden divorce. But one of her friends reminded her that her life was about so much more. So she was forced to look back and dig deep.

I realized I had to do more, I had to introduce myself.

The result is a remarkable story of perseverance and overcoming.

Falling into Place is in bookstores now.

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