Ciscoe Morris shows us how to plant a spring bulb container and to choose different kinds of bulbsthat will bloom at the same time to make incredible combinations next spring. For a bit of added color, he also planted some winter pansies on top!

Planting spring flowering bulbs in a container is a fun way to create a blast of color in spring, and it can be a great way to have an attractive spring flowering bulb display even if you live in a condo or an apartment. Bulbs must be planted and spend the winter outdoors in order to bloom, so start by choosing a frost-free container. Choose one that is wide enough to hold enough bulbs to put on an impressive display, and deep enough to enable you to plant the bulbs 3 times as deep as they are wide while allowing a little extra room at the bottom for root growth. Make sure the container has plenty of drain holes and purchase quality potting soil for this project. Soil dug out of the garden will hold too much moisture and cause the bulbs to rot. Mix organic bulb food and bone meal into the soil before planting, and as a last step, water the bulbs in, just as you would if you were planting them out in the garden. When it comes to choosing what to plant, any type of bulb will work in a container. It s fun to make interesting combinations using different kinds of bulbs and perhaps finishing up with a bunch of pansies or an evergreen groundcover on top as well.

Layer different kinds of bulbs in the pot by simply planting each type at it s proper depth starting with the bigger bulbs near the bottom and working your way up covering each layer as you go. Leave adequate spacing between bulbs to allow the stems to work their way up through the layers, and make sure to choose bulbs that bloom at the same time.

Think of all the exciting combinations you could make. Who could view a container bursting with blooms of black-velvet Queen of the Night' tulips paired with rich pink and orange Menton, contrasted with snow white blossoms of Nasturtium thalia, all floating above a blanket of golden pansies and shimmering black mondo grass without shouting Oh, la, la !

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