For Larry Stone, talking about his daughter Sarah is a labor of love and grief.

She was our second daughter. It was 10 years between our first one and our second one. And she was a great surprise, remembered Stone.

At just 28, Sarah passed away suddenly as a result of an epileptic seizure.

To see her with a blue blanket over someone who's got a respirator in her mouth and she's blue and she's dead, it's hard, said Stone.

Sarah passed away last year. But the company who owns the funeral home where she was cremated keeps sending her family advertisements in Sarah's name.

To use her name continuing in a continuation solicitation is very angering. It has to stop now. We're really looking for someone to take responsibility whether it be the president or CEO, I don't care. A letter or phone call, take responsibility, take her name off the list, said Stone.

Larry said he went to Wiggen & Sons Funeral home and asked the ads to stop.

What they're doing is using the name to get as much business as possible without getting any. They don't care about the people they deal with. Otherwise they would make sure that the clients that they put in the ground or cremate aren't on an active mailing list. For some reason that seems to me that somebody could take that and do something about it. Doesn't it to you? explained Stone.

When the ads arrived this year, Stone called me. I went to Bonney-Watson Funeral Home, the company that now owns Wiggen and Sons to see if I could get it to stop.

David Lee, Vice President of Bonney-Watson said this was all a mistake.

Obviously that is something we didn't intend to do. There is a transition with Wiggins since we were just notifying our families that, you know, that there's a transition there, explained Lee.

Lee was apologetic about the ads and said they will stop immediately. He said Sarah's name was on the company's do not mail list but there was no address listed.

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