We re stuck thinking perhaps that the lunch lady we knew back in the 1980s is still around. Seattle Public Schools have re-vamped their lunch program and are working hard on partnering with families to provide great choices. No more mystery meat and Twinkies, it turns out.

What you want in a lunch

  • Proper portion sizes
  • Half the plate filled with fruit & veggies
  • Whole grain, lean protein, water or non-fat dairy
  • Enough time to eat

Seattle Public Schools lunch

  • Serves 18,000 students lunch
  • Breakfast at all schools
  • Fresh new menus across district
  • Portion control, mandatory veggies / fruit serving
  • Kids making choices

Independent school lunch changes

  • Locally sourced family-style meals
  • Water only
  • Extra servings of veggies and fruits
  • Recipe-cooked meals
  • Reduce-waste lunch programs


Half and half tips on filling your shopping cart from Seattle Mama Doc:

Free and reduced-price meals from Seattle Public Schools

Nutrition info of Seattle Public School lunches

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