EVERETT, Wash. -- Everett police say detectives interviewed the 5-year-old girl who was abducted from her home last Saturday and learned some new details about the suspect's description.

The morning of the kidnapping, the suspect wore a white baseball cap, or painter style hat. He wore the hat backwards. The girl also noticed he had two earrings in each ear, with one being a gold stud and the second a white diamond. The suspect also wore green and blue colored tennis shoes. During the incident, he also wore a dark colored shirt, and light colored jeans.

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The suspect is a dark skinned male with dark colored eyes, shorter than average adult height, normal build with no facial hair or visible tattoos.

Police are also looking for anyone who was traveling eastbound on 112th St. Southeast in Everett near the 800 block around 3 o clock Saturday morning. They say they can see cars passing by the suspect in the background on grainy surveillance footage they recovered from her apartment complex.

Anyone with information on the suspect should contact the Everett Police Department.

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