KENT, Wash. -- Mr. Christiansen's ninth grade history class is talking about current events.

Should we get involved? Michael Christiansen asked his Kent-Meridian High School students during the weekly current events discussion.

This week's topic: what the U.S. should do in Syria.

We should try diplomatic solutions before bombing people we don't like, said Tyler Pigott, 14.

He's afraid what military action could turn into.

I think that'll cause some sort of a World War III, said Pigott.

Christiansen said bringing current events into the classroom helps students appreciate history.

Kids will reference this to Rome, they'll reference this to World War II. Now they have a context to understand why it's important that we're starting those events, said Christiansen.

Despite the fact most of the students won't be able to vote until 2016, 14-year-old Nica Sy said that doesn't mean they don't have opinions about what their country may or may not do overseas.

We do have a mind of our own, we can discuss these things, we can be political, said Sy.

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