A new social media movement on Bainbridge Island is turning heads by offering goods, services and the use of items for free.

Buy Nothing Bainbridge aims to create an economy based off the simple acts of giving and receiving.

You know you can give your stuff away. It s so much cooler to know someone actually wants it, to know who wants it, why they want it, said co-founder Rebecca Rockefeller.

In just weeks, more than 1300 people have signed up on the project s Facebook page.

Exchanging items, giving, volunteering their services -- I couldn t really believe it, said Melisa Lunt, who lives in the area.

There s people posting stuff and you re like, can I have that? said Heather Scott, who lives in the area.

The concept focuses more on people than stuff.

Which is a challenge because we re trained from birth to think about things and buying, said Rockefeller.

Rockefeller is one of many that have turned their front porches into a Community Porch, where items ranging from baby strollers, stools and dishware are offered up for free.

People coming out of the woodwork to help each other for no other reason but that it feels good, said Lunt.

Melisa Lunt picked up a basket from Rockefeller s porch Thursday.

The grandmas love homemade things from the kids so I thought it would be great, she said.

She and her family just offered up frozen bananas to a family that otherwise would have been thrown away.

Suddenly there were people coming out of the woodwork for frozen bananas. It feels good, said Lunt.

The Bainbridge Island group is also helping communities across Western Washington and other states start up similar movements.

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