Seattle Police won't be the only ones serving up snacks at Hempfest. Every year, food vendors make big money off the munchies.

The event, billed as one of the largest pro-pot festivals in the country, brings close to 250,000 people to Myrtle Edwards Park and all bring their appetites.

I started cooking Tuesday morning at 6 a.m. and I cooked for 42 hours straight, I did 1200 pounds of pork and brisket, said Joel Sexton, who owns WildWest BBQ.

He's hoping the 1200 pounds of meat he cooked up will be enough to satisfy the crowd's cravings all weekend long.

They can also choose from fried oreos, snow cones, deep battered french fries, or snow cones. There's even a Krispy Kreme doughnut hamburger.

The only items event organizers don't want on the menu are marijuana edibles.

If you see someone selling edibles, they are not endorsed by Hempfest, said Hempfest volunteer Charity Hicks. In fact, if you see them, let us know. We stop them, we have people looking to find edibles being sold, because you never know what is in an edible.

It's a battle event organizers fight every year. Without fail, they say there are always a few festival goers who sneak in a backpack filled with pot brownies, and then start selling them under the radar.

Not only is it dangerous to buy a pot brownie from someone you don't know, organizers say those unauthorized items are also taking money away from the event. That's because the people passing them out don't pay vendor fees.

KING5 spoke to several festival goers who say they'd already seen the pot treats secretly being sold at this year's Hempfest.

Since marijuana is now legal in Washington, Hempfest organizers say they are trying to find a way for reputable, licensed vendors to be able to sell edibles at next year's festival. They weren't ready to do so this year, because there are still too many unknowns about exactly how it would work.

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