SEATTLE People who ride their bikes then take the bus have a new place to stash their bicycles. King County Metro recently installed electronic bike lockers at 10 different locations, including Park and Ride Transit Centers, as part of a pilot program.

Riders can buy a Bike Link access card, then insert the card into a reader on the lockers. Riders load money on their prepaid card and rent the lockers for 5 cents an hour.

That's different than the current bike locker system.

For example, if someone has that assigned locker and it's theirs to use, if they don't ride that day that lockers tied up, it's not usable. In an on-demand environment, more people can use the facility, said Ref Landmark with King County Metro.

However some cyclists complain they can't find the lockers and that Metro needs better signs.

It was actually pretty frustrating. It's my first time riding to this Park and Ride and just looking all around for it, but they're pretty hard to find. I actually didn't find it, said cyclist Bryce Covert.

Metro says it s aware of the need for more signage.

To the buy an access card, users can go to or call 1-888-540-0546. People can also buy a card at Bicycle Alliance of Washington s Pioneer Square office, located at 314 1st Avenue South in Seattle.

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