Drivers saw some delays and onlookers got quite a show on Monday, as one of the 520 bridge pontoons made its way through the Lake Washington Ship Canal to Elliott Bay. The Washington Department of Transportation is sending the cracked pontoon to Harbor Island, where it will be repaired.

The move required the opening of the Montlake Bridge, the University Bridge, the Fremont Bridge, and the Ballard Bridge.

It also brought locals like Ryan Kupyn to the shoreline, to get a peak at the 11,000 ton pontoon slowly creeping through the water.

I live just over there, so the fate of 520 means a lot to us, he said. And it's kinda unusual to see such a giant structure going through.

Similarly, drivers and bicyclists on the Fremont Bridge didn't seem to mind the longer-than-usual delay. Many were also relieved to hear that the DOTwas making sure the damaged pontoon got fixed.

You know, I'd rather have them delay ten minutes of me having dinner to get 10 or 20 more years out of the bridge, said Marc Matsui. Get it right from the first time, hopefully, because that will end up saving them money and taxpayers money in the long run.

The repairs to this pontoon and several others will cause some delays on the 520 bridge project. Right now, its targeted completion date has been pushed back to the summer of 2015.

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