Next month, there will be a ribbon cutting for the newest cycle track in Seattle - a small section that connects a gap on the Interurban Trail in Bitter Lake on Linden and 130th in North Seattle.

In Spring, a more expensive kind of bike lane called a cycle track opened on the Burke Gillman Trail. The cycle tracks have a concrete barrier that separate bicycles from cars and trucks.

It's only a quarter mile stretch, but it has a big price tag of $260,000.

It means I'm safer. I'm not next to traffic where I could get hurt, said M.J. Kelly with the Cascade Bicycle Club.

Kelly computes on bike along the trail from Green Lake to Magnuson Park each day.

This year, the city will spend nearly $4 million on planning, design, and installation of bike paths.

The next bike path project is being planned for the Maple Leaf neighborhood. It would run along Roosevelt Way Northeast from NE 75th to NE 85th. An open house will be held for the public to learn more at the Northgate Community Center in August.

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