The wildlife center at PAWS in Lynnwood is bursting at the seams with baby animals.

The organization gets 5,000 to 7,000 calls a year about animals in need, and that number is growing.

Over the years, the PAWS Wildlife Center has grown as fast as the suburbs expand and the line is increasingly blurred between our yard and theirs.

People who build out into the more rural areas for some reason sometimes don't realize how much wildlife is going to be there, and wonder how to get rid of if, which isn't going to work, said PAWS Wildlife Director Jennifer Convy.

This time of year PAWS needs more volunteers to help with the injured or abandoned animals.

Some babies must be fed every half hour and even at 200 volunteers a week it's not enough.

Said one volunteer, I've been here for 8 years... it's so satisfying feeding the baby birds!

If you see an animal in need, PAWS says call before you bring it in because it might be just fine on its own.

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