OLYMPIA, Wash. It does not appear the hackers who broke into the state s judicial system website accessed any other state sites, Governor Jay Inslee said Friday.

We have done a diligent examination in executive branch agencies to see if there have been any breakins, said Inslee, D-Washington, and as far as we can possibly determine, we have not.

Thursday the state s Administrative Office of the Courts revealed its site had been breached by hackers sometime between September 2012 and February.

The state said the hackers accessed the private information of 94 people and may have seen social security numbers of 160,000 booked into jail between 2011 and 2012.

The hackers may have also accessed the driver s license numbers of the more than a million people, including those arrested for drunk driving between 1989 and 2012 and those involved in a traffic or criminal case between 2011 and 2012.

A court spokesperson said the agency regrets the oversight which enabled the hackers to get into the site.

The website is more secure and the private information is now encrypted, said a state spokesperson.

Christopher Budd, who worked for Microsoft s computer security division, said he was surprised the information had not previously been encrypted.

This is just not the way most people handle sensitive information like this, said Budd.

KING 5 News asked if someone would be reprimanded for the incident.

Not at this time, said spokesperson Wendy Ferrell in an email.

The email said, Right now, our focus is to have all the people possibly affected informed and protected, while at the same time continuing our work on security enhancements.

The state is not releasing the names of the 94 people who the state believes had their information compromised. They will be contacted by the state.

Meanwhile, if you're concerned that your information may have been accessed, state officials have set up a website and hotline to answer public questions about the break: and 1-800-448-5584.

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