It's that time of the year, prom time. But this time, it's the moms who get to dress up and made up for an event. A perfect girl's night out on the town. It's called Seattle Mom Prom , and the best thing, you don't have to be a mom to dress up and enjoy! The annual event draws in women from across Western Washington, showing off unique and sometimes crazy fashion styles. But all done for a common goal, to raise money for an important cause, the Postpartum Support International of Washington. Seattle Mom Prom founder Myla Rugge joined Margaret to talk about the inspiration behind the festive event, along with Leslie Butterfield, Chairwoman and Training Director of Postpartum SupportInternational of Washington.

Seattle Mom Prom takes place Saturday, May 18 at Fremont Abbey in Seattle. For more information about the event, visit their website: Find Seatle Mom Prom on Facebook. Follow Myla on Twitter: @SeattleMomProm

For Postpartum Support International of Washington, visit their website: Find the group on Facebook.

Here's the toll-free support line for Postpartum Support International of Washington: 1-888-404-PPMD (7763)

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