A rooftop burglar gets away with more than thirty thousand dollars in rare coins. But police are finding out, he left a lot behind that could help crack the case.

The break-in at American Rare Coins and Collectibles happened early Sunday morning around 4 a.m. Surveillance video shows a thief climbing down a 20-foot rope, dropping into the business, and finally stealing about 300 rare coins from a glass case.

The owner, Raymond Brandt, says their total value is about 70 thousand dollars.

With that kind of inventory gone, it's like starting over 20 years ago, said Brandt. My gut was just wrenching.

Not all was lost. The burglar made the mistake of using a garbage bag to carry the loot. The bag must have broken, because police found half the coins laying on the roof.

The suspect also left behind images of his face, along with several sets of fingerprints. He also left a lasting impression of his agility.

I couldn't climb rope like that when I was in the military, said Brandt.

Tacoma police say there has been one other rooftop break-in in the last month. But they do not believe the two cases are connected.

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