In many places, moving your car just a few spots when your free parking runs out is fine. But in nearby Bremerton, that's not allowed.

City leaders are trying to cut down on what they call the Bremerton Shuffle by handing out tickets, increasing fines and changing the parking codes.

This has been a chronic problem for years, said City Attorney Roger Lubovich.

According to Lubovich, many people who work near downtown take up all of the free parking rather than use the city's pay lots. This also means parking is hard to find for visitors, which could be hurting Bremerton businesses.

It does interrupt what we're trying to do in inviting tourists so our business owners have parking available for retail shopping, said Bremerton Mayor Patty Lent.

Starting April 5th, drivers who continuously violate the city's no 'reparking' rules could be fined up to $100 and have their cars towed. Owners will receive 24 hours notice.

Chronic offenders with at least six outstanding parking tickets could also be banned from parking downtown for up to 90 days. Within the past six months, violators have racked up more than $17,000 in unpaid fines.

This change is just one of several outlined in the city's new parking code. In addition to people who work and park near downtown, residents also face new restrictions.

As part of the Chronic Nuisance Vehicle provision, homeowners can not leave things like abandoned cars, trailers, motor homes or boats on the street for more than five days.

City leaders say if a homeowner calls and asks for a special permit, the city can make an exception.

These new rules focus on the abuser and not the ocassional user, said Lubovich.

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