One of the Bellevue SWAT officers involved in Friday's fatal shooting in south Seattle was involved in an earlier officer-involved shooting.

A Bellevue police SWAT team shot and killed a robbery suspect as it served an arrest/search warrant for multiple suspects early Friday in Seattle.

Police say a Bellevue officer shot a suspect outside the house. The man died at Harborview Medical Center.

The Bellevue police Department has not released the names of the officers involved, but KING 5 News has learned that one of the officers shot and killed a suspect in 2009. The suspect's family filed a lawsuit against the officer; however, an inquest later found that the shooting was justified and the officer was cleared and there was no civil liability found.

After the shooting on Friday, a Seattle SWAT team took over, surrounded the house and went in about four hours later.

Spokeswoman Renee Witt said they did not find a second suspect. However they had contact outside with the dead man's brother, who was armed. Witt says he was cleared and allowed to leave.

Police previously said they were looking for two robbery suspects and that the second one had been arrested in the house.

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