Double murder suspect Michael Boysen remained in an Oregon hospital on Wednesday in serious condition.

Police say the man accused of murdering his grandparents in Renton apparently cut himself during a standoff at an Oregon motel on Tuesday.

Just two days after allegedly murdering his grandparents in Renton, Boysen checked into a hotel in Lincoln City.

Property manager Leah Kallimanis was at the desk when Boysen asked for a room.

Very personable, told me he needed a room with a little bed and I put him in room number seven, she said.

While watching television news the next day, Kallimanis recognized her guest.

And I called 911 immediately, she said.

The standoff began and the story of Boysen's flight began to come into focus.

Boysen was released from the Monroe Correctional Facility on Friday. He was picked up by his grandparents.

He checked in with court officials in Bothell, where he faced a misdemeanor drug charge. He then met with his parole officer in Renton and it was off to his grandparents' house, where a room and a party were prepared for him.

Within the next 40 hours, investigators say, Boysen had murdered his grandparents and taken their car.

The trail goes cold for the next 24 hours but picks up again on Monday when Boysen is believed to have driven that car to Salem, Ore. There, police say, he dumped that car in a parking lot and bought a used car from a local dealer.

Then he headed west through the Oregon coastal mountains to Lincoln City and checked in to the West Shore Oceanfront Suites.

After a 10-hour standoff, police

stormed the room

and found Boysen suffering from apparent self inflicted cuts from broken window glass.

Boysen is held on a no-bail warrant from the state Department of Corrections for violating terms of his release. As soon as he is well enough to travel, he will be sent back to Washington to face charges

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