Moving your parent from a retirement community into an adult group home is one of the hardest decisions you may ever have to make. Cynthia Murphy, an advisor with Choice Advisory Services, Inc., has worked with thousands of people, and helped them navigate challenges involved in finding a place to live for elderly parents or a loved one.

Who she says should seek help from Choice:

  • Adult children of elderly parents who are no longer safe at home
  • Spouses who can no longer meet the high demands of caregiving at home
  • Powers of attorneys working on behalf of an elderly family member or friend
  • Seniors living alone and in need of companionship and care
  • Retirees looking for an easy-to-manage lifestyle

What a Choice Advisor does:

  • Receives your request for help by phone or via email
  • Follows-up on your request to assess your needs personal needs, financial needs, etc.
  • Defines your options: writes a list so you can follow up, or contacts communities on your behalf
  • Will go with you to visit providers or be there when the provider visits you in your home
  • We follow up with you every step of the way

Visit their website to learn more about Choice Advisory Services and to find other resources that will help you as you face the challenges of taking care of your own parents.

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