Do you feel it? We are in the midst of change. A transition is under way restructuring a system we rely on to take care of our health needs. Already we ve made a break with the past. And what we do right now determines the future of healthcare in our state.

Starting January 2013, KING 5's HealthLink has expanded to include a comprehensive discussion on healthcare reform and better health across all of KING s news and local programming platforms.

Viewers already rely on Jean Enersen's HealthLink for cutting-edge news, breakthroughs and local health stories. Viewers will see a change to the look of HealthLink that reflects the coming changes in healthcare and breadth of coverage on KING 5.

The Affordable Care Act is making major changes to our healthcare system and the health care experience as it moves towards full implementation in 2014. It also creates the likelihood of consumer confusion, bringing changes to what's covered by health insurance and how health insurance is purchased, just some of what's included in the new law.

So for the next year, KING 5 is making a station-wide commitment to explore, explain and make the story of good health and good healthcare easy to understand for our audience.

There is no single topic more relevant to consumers than this. If we do this well viewers will understand how to navigate the changes and be pro-active about their own health, said Ray Heacox, President and General Manager of KING TV.

In addition to HealthLink reports on KING 5 News, coverage will include topical, relevant and actionable segments in local programming and on digital media.

Examples of HealthLink topics on Evening Magazine or New Day Northwest include healthy cheap eats, fun exercise alternatives, men's and women s fitness trends and healthy cooking habits. and KING 5's social media platforms will provide access to all material that's broadcast in addition to original content.

Our goal is to create a rich database of easy to use information and helpful stories on taking better care of yourself and your loved ones. When you come down to it, nothing beats living a longer, more rewarding life, concluded Heacox.

At New Day, our live audience format engages audience members to make their goals achievable. Whether it s incorporating a healthy living habit for a couple of weeks or highlighting viewer success stories in managing better health and better health care, New Day will make the policies and best practices practical and bite-sized.

At Evening Magazine, we know good health is more than eat your broccoli. It s also about lifestyle - living happy and healthy for as long as you can. Evening Magazine will bring stories about creative and fun fitness in the Northwest on the water, a yoga mat, in the air, or zipping down a mountain. What matters is this activity prolongs your life. And it s a great way to manage stress while having fun.

So we invite our viewers to join in the conversation on-air and through social media, to better connect your questions with local experts. At KING 5, we know this is just at the beginning of the story.

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