SEATAC, Wash - In the final hours of Christmas day, families cilled the baggage claim area of Sea-Tac Airport. Linda Justice and her family were waiting for Uncle Bob's flight from Nebraska so they couild drive him home to Bellingham. Almendra Moreno was at the airport to surprise her brother's girlfriend who was flying in from Denver. But it is possible that Janelle Wood's wait for her loved one was among the longest.

It was seven months ago that Janelle Wood last hugged her husband. durning that long stretch of time, her kids Dylan, 3 and evie, 1, have not been able to kiss their dad.

Now that we are in the military it is different every year. said Wood about the holidays.

This year, her husband Derek Wood has been in Afghanistan. But Christmas night he was scheduled to come home.

When asked what she looked forward to the most, Janelle said, that first nice big hug.

Just before 7 p.m. her husband's flight arrived and he was greeted by his wife and children who ran toward him holding a Welcome Home Daddy sign.

Dylan jumped into his dad's arms and said I'm so happy to see you, I have missed you.

Derek Wood was originally not going to be ho me until January 5th, but his wife found out a couple of days ago that he would arrive in time for the holiday.

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