PACIFIC, Wash. -- Mayor Cy Sun did not appear at Monday night's council meeting, despite the big decision facing his city of whether to annex with Auburn.

Today he gave a message to council members saying he was unable to attend because his wife had a nervous breakdown.

Sun could not be reached for comment. Last weekend, one of the mayor's critics videotaped him apparently slipping political fliers into residential mailboxes, a possible violation of federal law because none of the paperwork was registered mail. The incident was reported to police.

The city's insurer informed the council today it would not grant an extension, which means come January 1st, the city would be operating without insurance.

Council members say the insurer said to notify them if there was a change in executive leadership, otherwise, their decision stands.

Many residents at the council meeting Monday night called for the mayor's resignation.

The council was suppose to vote on annexation with Auburn, but decided to delay the vote another week, after the city clerk informed them there were underwriters considering offering insurance to the city.

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