Studies have found that student who take four or more years of a second language tend to score higher than their peers on the math and reading sections of the SAT. Julie Ogata from ParentMap visited KING 5 to talk about the benefits of foreign language and how parents can encourage their children to learn.

More and more parents are starting their kids at an earlier age and choosing immersion to help them learn a second language. A University of Washington study found babies are already losing their ability to distinguish foreign language sounds by six months, so starting in a foreign language in middle or high school is much too late.

Tips for starting your child in a second language:

  • find out what programs schools offer
  • look into private programs
  • study as a family
  • not for all children (especially those with auditory processing, speech challenges, or even dyslexia)

For more information, visit the ParentMap article.

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