EVERETT, Wash. -- Tuesday night Nick McCallon tried to help people after a fatal accident in Everett. Wednesday night McCallon found himself at the hospital.

I can not wrap my head around these last couple hours. I've been trying to all day, said McCallon.

Around 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, McCallon and his wife Felicia watched a wreck happen right in front of them on Evergreen Way near Bruin Boulevard in Everett. McCallon said the driver of a black BMW had been speeding and driving erratically southbound when it clipped another southbound vehicle. Police said the BMW spun into oncoming traffic where it collided with a northbound minivan.

There was no hesitation whatsoever. I just kind of went. I got to the vehicles before the smoke had even cleared, said McCallon.

McCallon rushed to the BMW because a boy appeared to have suffered the worst of the wreck. McCallon said the child had no pulse. He later died.

He then went to the minivan where a 75-year-old female driver was hurt. He applied pressure to her cut until paramedics could get her to the hospital.

McCallon thought that was the end of a very difficult evening. But after a late night there was an early arrival.

My wife wakes me up saying time to go, said McCallon. Our baby was not suppose to be here for another two weeks.

Baby Nathan McCallon was born at 6:32 a.m. at Providence Regional Medical Center.

We were very fortunate, and it makes out hearts heavy for the other family even more, said Felicia McCallon in reference to the family that lost their young boy Tuesday night.

It just makles you think about life in a different way, said Nick McCallon.

The boy who died has been identified as 7-year-old Josiah Alves. Police said his 30-year-old legal guardian was driving the BMW and was not badly hurt.

Detectives continue to investigation what caused the crash.

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