A 79-year-old mushroom picker who had been lost since Sunday morning was found in good condition on Tuesday.

The Lewis County Sheriff's Office said Search and Rescue Teams, along with teams from all over Western Washington, were rejoicing with the family of Dapeng Yang of Tacoma after he was found near the base camp the searchers had set up.

Yang was found at about 2 p.m. by Search and Rescue teams, walking near FS Road 26.

He was in good condition and was to be by taken to Morton General Hospital for treatment of dehydration. He was exhausted but did not have any signs of obvious injuries.

He was found within a mile of the base camp, and it's not known why he didn't hear or respond to Search and Rescue units blowing whistles and yelling his name.

This is an incredible ending. Neither this mans' family nor our Search and Rescue team gave up hope. Our teams worked tirelessly for the last 48 hours in hopes of finding this man alive. We are very pleased that the mission turned out in such a positive manner, said Sheriff Mansfield.

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