ABERDEEN, Wash. - Montesano High School played its first home football game Friday night since a fire destroyed it s historical bleachers two weeks ago. The school is using Stewart Field in Aberdeen temporarily.

Troy and Becca Zvonos were watching from the stands. The couple started dating after attending football games in 1991.

We d go to the games then we d go to the dances, said Becca Zvonos.

But on this night, the couple says the game feels different. You re home but you re not at home, said Becca Zvonos.

On September 16th, the school s historic bleachers burnt to the ground. They were built in 1942.

It was a real shock to see it gone, said Troy Zvonos.

Even though Christian Welton has attended Montesano for a few years, he understands the significance of the school s loss.

It was tough, it was heart wrenching, I was actually there the night of it, he said.

Proceeds from coffee sales at the game and other fundraisers have raised more than $5,000 to help rebuild. Fans say in Montesano, tradition is everything.

It s going to come back, it s going to come back bigger and better than it was, said Troy Zvonos.

The school pushed back its homecoming game to October 19th. A tentative date it hopes to have the bleachers rebuilt.

Montesano Police haven t determined a cause of the fire yet

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