OLYMPIA, Wash. -- First hard alcohol showed up on Washington's grocery store shelves, but soon it could be coming to your doorstep.

Currently grocery stores can deliver wine and beer along with food. But retailers now want permission to include hard alcohol in their deliveries.

Under the proposal to Washington's Liquor ControlBoard, a delivery person, over the age of 21, would have to make sure the recipient was also over 21.

Deliveries could only be made during hours when liquor can legally be sold within the state, between 6:00 a.m. and 2:00 a.m.

If the board approves the change, any licensed spirits retailer would be allowed to deliver alcohol, not just grocery stores.

Alcohol could be delivered to homes, apartments as well as hotel or motel rooms under the proposal.

It would be a great amenity to add, said Nathan Allan, owner of Olympia's Swantown Inn Bed and Breakfast.

While Allen does not expect a lot of his guests to order alcohol at the 19th century Victorian hotel, he believes the change would help his business.

It makes for a more complete experience for our guests, said Allan.

The delivery idea has it's critics, including Jim Cooper, the Executive Director of Together! , a youth advocacy non-profit organization.

Cooper fears the deliveries would make it easier for minors to get alcohol.

It's really just not clear there are enough safeguards in place, said Cooper.

Cooper said it is too early to know if privatizing liquor has caused an increase in teenage drinking. He'd like the state to evaluate the impact of privatization before changing the alcohol delivery rules.

It's really, in our opinion, said Cooper, too big of a step to take too fast.

Washington's Liquor Control Board is looking for public input on the rule change at their board meeting on Wednesday, October 24. The meeting will be held from 10:00 a.m. to noon at the Washington State Liquor Control Board Headquarters, located at 3000 Pacific Avenue Southeast in Olympia.

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