Buckingham Palace says one of Queen Elizabeth II's corgis, who appeared in the James Bond sketch during the Olympics opening ceremony, has died.

Monty, 13, and two other of the queen's beloved corgis appeared in a James Bond sketch during the opening ceremony, greeting Daniel Craig's James Bond as he arrived at the palace to accept a mission from the monarch.

The palace confirmed that Monty -- who was previously owned by the Queen Mother -- had died. It did not provide details on when or how Monty died, but added that another of the queen's pets, dachshund-corgi crossbreed Cider, also had died.

The Telegraph reports that Monty was named after Monty Roberts, the American subject of a BBC documentary, A Real Horse Whisperer.

With the death of Monty, Queen Elizabeth II now has two corgis in the palace -- Willow and Holly -- both of whom also appeared in the Olympics sketch.

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