A Spanaway man was arrested Wednesday after his wife and teenage daughter were found shot dead in their home and he said he killed them.

The 40-year-old suspect, identified in jail records as Dean Russell Holmes, turned himself in to the Pierce County Jail.

Deputies said Holmes drove to the jail at 4:45 a.m. and told an officer he shot and killed his wife, Kristi, 41 and daughter, Violet, 11.

The claim led police to Holmes' house, located on the 15000 block of 20th Avenue Court East, where a deputy peered through a window and found Kristi andViolet in the bed of the master bedroom.

Both victims died of gunshot wounds.

Holmes told investigators he was going through marital and financial problems. Detectives said Holmes is cooperating with their investigation.

Detectives determined Holmes had been hiding financial problems from his wife, including lying about a home they were supposed to be moving in to.

Holmes told police he shot his wife in her sleep early Tuesday morning, then woke their daughter and a friend of daughter who had slept over that night. The suspect took both of the children in his car, dropped off the friend at her home in Auburn, then drove around for some time with his daughter in the car.

Holmes said he pulled over on the side of the road in Spanaway and shot his daughter as she sat inside the car. The suspect then drove to a fast food restaurant in Spanaway, purchased a meal for himself, then went home and placed his daughter's body in bed with his wife's.

After several hours of trying to clean the house and his car, Holmes decided to turn himself in to police.

Neighbors were disturbed when they woke to crime tape on their street and learned what happened to the family they all knew.

Everybody went to their barbecues, everybody hung out, said Walter Diaz, who lives nearby. They walked the neighborhood in the afternoons and the mornings too.

Sandy Fearn said Holmes, who works as a house painter, chatted with her a few days ago.

He saw me and [gave] a big 'ole wave and a smile and started talking, said Fearn.

Neighbor Nancy Cather said she won't be able to look at the house the same again.

To know that pain happened there, extreme pain, she said.

Deputies said a second child, who also lives in the family home, is not in danger.

Holmes remains in jail on two counts of first degree murder. He is scheduled to appear in court Thursday.

Compiled by KING 5's Lindsay Chamberlain, Jake Whittenberg, Natasha Ryan

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