One of the easiest plants to keep year-round are succulents, which can be low-growing and low maintenance!

New Day's good friendCiscoe Morris helps us put together an eye-catching succulent pot that you can leave out over the winter.

To create a succulent pot, choose a relatively shallow pot, and make sure it has drainage holes. These are some of the plants that Ciscoe recommends:

  • Sempervivum: Known as Hen & Chicks, These have big bold foliage, come in lots of colors and there are lots of fun ones to choose from.
  • Erica x darleyensis 'Goldrush': This is a heath that will give a bit of height for a centerpiece, and will have bright gold foliage in winter.
  • Sedum album 'HillBrantii' Rose colored leaves, white flowers.
  • S. makinoi 'Ogan'. Golden foliage
  • S. Kamatshaticum Variegatum: Green foliage with pint tints, bright yellow flowers.
  • S rupestre 'Angelina': Yellow foliage, weeps over side.
  • S. lydium: Bright green foliage, white flowers.
  • S. hakonense 'Chocolate Ball': Brown foliage on a compact plant.
  • S. 'Red Carpet' Red foliage, pink flowers and weeps over the side.

Also, look for interesting stones in your garden to add to your design to give it an alpine look. Don't forget to add a dinosaur for a Jurassic effect!

The pot must go in a sunny location. Can stay outside in winter. Only water when the soil feels quite dry.

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