If you have a phone, you ve been robocalled by some politician wanting your vote.

But for Jeff Bispham, it was too much. When asked how many times he s been called, Jeff replied: Within the last month, easily 20 times. And that s a combination of cell phone and home phone.

The majority of Jeff s robocalls come from Tom Cramer, 9th district Democratic Congressional candidate. Cramer said he uses robocalls because Robocalls are cheap. They cost about one-percent of what a mailing does. They re very inexpensive.

Jeff said he tried emailing and calling Cramer to ask for the calls to stop. But he got no response and couldn t leave a voicemail.

At least they would respond and say, Hey, we re sorry. But nothing. So, it s just totally irresponsible, said Jeff.

Cramer s not the only one using robocalls. Lots of candidates, even striking trash collectors use them. KING 5 even uses them for polling purposes. But we re talking about Cramer because we got emails and Tweets from viewers about his specific calls.

As it turns out, it s legal for those annoying political calls to come to your home. But according to Bob Schroeder from the Federal Trade Commission, it s an issue when they re made to your cell phone.

Most robocalls are prohibited from being made to cell phones, even political calls, even fundraising calls and survey calls. They cannot be made to cell phones, he said

The website,, has setup a Do Not Call list for campaign calls. The name of registrants is provided to politicians who will agree not to call you. But no Washington state politicians have signed up. Site creator Shaun Dakin says,

The campaigns are so competitive and so hyper-partisan that they don t want to take anything off the table, and so therefore they refuse to join with us because of that issue, said site creator Shaun Dakin.

Cramer said people can email him and he ll stop the calls going to your home.

And if you have received any robocalls from politicians on your cell phone, let me know about it right away.

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