A new KING 5 poll finds this fall s referendum on gay marriage could be extremely close, along with several other ballot measures.

Referendum 74 asks voters to approve or reject a law passed by the legislature this year to allow same-sex marriages. In a new KING 5 poll, 50% say they d approve the referendum, while 43% say they d reject it. Only 7% tell SurveyUSA they re undecided on this issue.

Historically, undecided votes on ballot measures are more likely to lean no if they aren t swayed by election day. Early polling gives an indication of where initiatives begin and how much cushion they have.

Tim Eyman s initiative restating the requirement that two-thirds of the legislature must approve tax hikes, begins with a strong lead with 56% saying they ll approve vs. 19% reject.

The initiative to legalize and regulate marijuana has 55% support, but 32% already say they ll vote no.

Meanwhile, an initiative to allow 40 charter schools is the only ballot measure that isn t starting above the 50% mark. SurveyUSA finds 46% would vote yes, while 29% would vote no. On charter schools, 24% say they re undecided.

The poll of 630 registered voters across Washington state was taken July 16-17 over landlines and cell phones. The poll has a margin of +/- 4%.

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