Color can be charming, alarming, warm and cold - but how does it help or hinder our mood when we wear it. Stylist Darcy Camden shows New Day which colors are right for our moods.

LOOK #1: What to wear to work out in the morning: RED + YELLOW
The color red stimulates and inspires, it connects us to our physical self. It gives us a sense of confidence and power. Too much red may lead to aggressiveness. Yellow inspires mental clarity, and gives us energy. (athletic gear and shoes available at

LOOK #2: What to wear on a date: GREEN
The color green connects us to unconditional love, it is associated with hope and calm. (Green dress available at

LOOK #3: What to wear to a job interview: BLUE
Blue is associated with communication, creativity, personal expression and confidence in speaking.

LOOK #4: What to wear to for a fun outing with girlfriends: ORANGE
Orange is warm and joyful, it is associated with happiness, sociability and enjoyable relationships. It is also an antidepressant.

LOOK #5: What to wear on an airplane: PURPLE
Purple inspires serenity, sleep, calm nerves, suppressed appetite and reduced irritation.

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