A homeless veteran is credited for saving the life of a shooting victim in Seattle s Belltown neighborhood early Monday.

Seattle police said around 3 a.m. near 2nd Avenue and Bell Street, an argument between two men escalated into a fight, which ended with one man pulling out a gun and shooting the other man. According to officers, the victim ran a block before collapsing on the street.

A couple of blocks away, a homeless man known on the streets as Staff Sgt. Royal, a 10-year Army man and a veteran of the first Gulf War, heard the shots and came to the man s rescue.

I'm just glad I was there to stop the bleeding. I put a tourniquet around his leg. I think that probably saved his life, said Royal.

Royal said the man who was shot is also homeless and has mental issues. He is also a long-time friend.

You can thank Ft. Carson for that medic training. Hopefully, he'll be okay. I'm just gonna pray for him, said Royal, who still had blood on his boots as he recounted the morning s events.

The bullet reportedly hit the victim s femoral artery and he had lost a lot of blood before the homeless veteran came to his rescue. The victim was transported to Harborview Medical Center, where his condition has been stabilized.

Police said they do believe Royal s story. They also say the shooter remains on the loose. No arrests have been made yet and there isn t enough information yet to release a suspect description.

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