As the weather gets warmer and days stay longer, there are lots of gorgeous roses that bloom this time of year for us to enjoy.Gardening guru Ciscoe Morris shows ushow to deadhead, fertilize, and get rid of damaging diseases.

List of rosesCiscoe talked about:

  • King Tut - Yellow miniature climber
  • Hot cocoa - chocolately orange floribunda
  • Edan 88 -fragrant pink climber
  • Westerland - super fragrant peachy orange
  • Railway Sunrise - Sunrise colored shrub rose
  • Flower carpet - red
  • Knockout - red - Knockouts are the most disease resistant roses you can buy.

Tips for rose care and disease prevention:

Plant roses where they get morningsun.

Remove old leaves when prune in spring.

Remove leaves growing within 11 inches of the ground.

Remove any infected leaves and spray with neem oil.

Avoid wetting leaves.

For better blooming:

Fertilize every 6 weeks with organic rose food, and 2 cups of alfalfa meal.

Dead head regularly.

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