While at the hospital, a wounded suspect accused of fatally shooting a man outside a Federal Way bar Wednesday allegedly told police, If I get out I'm gonna run.

Detectives also reported Kenneth Sutton, 21, from Renton, said, I should have left the country instead of coming to the hospital.

King County prosecutors plan to charge Sutton with second degree murder and first degree assault Friday.

He is being held in the King CountyJail without bail in part because police claim Sutton is a member of the Rolling 90's gang.

Police said Sutton and victim Cloise Young, 23, got in an argument outside Johnny's Famous Grill and Bar as the bar was closing, and both men fired on each other. Five other people were wounded in the shooting.

Sutton was arrested when he drove himself and another shooting victim to Valley Medical Center.

Detectives said he has 27 arrests on his record, as well as felony gun convictions.

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