PACIFIC, Wash. -- Council members in the town of Pacific are meeting with the city's insurance company this Monday in executive session. Some worry the city is at risk of losing insurance coverage, which would effectively shut Pacific down.

We cannot function as a city if Pacific loses coverage, says councilmember John Jones. Everything we do becomes completely liable. Every employee becomes liable as an individual. You shut your city down.

At the center of the controversy is Cy Sun, the newly elected mayor. The 82 year old won the election as a write-in candidate campaigning on clearing the money-grubbers out of city government.

Under his leadership at least seven department heads have been fired or quit their posts.

What I did was clear out all the high salary people that wasn't doing very much, Sun said.

But some say there are too few people left to run city hall. Business owners complain about delays in permitting, licensing and road projects.

Sun admits to signing one building permit himself, before he realized that he wasn't qualified to do so. Critics say his actions have opened them up to liability issues.

The council meeting is 630 p.m. Monday night.

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