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It's the season for nature's babies, and one mother duck is raising hers under watchful eyes in Fife.

She built her nest in a small landscaped area outside of the Fife School District's office building.

Elaine Smith, who works in the office, began taking photos of the nest and the mother.

Elaine said, I first noticed the nest with four duck eggs around April 11. The mama duck was missing in action for a few days shortly after that so we thought she had abandoned the nest. About a week later we found an additional egg had been laid in the same nest and the mama had returned. About two or three weeks ago she began to stay on the nest pretty consistently.

Earlier this week the school district employees finally heard the chirping of ducklings who had hatched underneath their mother in the nest.

Within a few hours the mother duck was leading the ducklings out of the nest and into the surrounding ground cover.

Elaine said From time to time she would return to the nest with her ducklings all in tow. Eventually a fellow employee noticed the mama leading the ducklings across the parking lot and into a field containing a retention pond.

The school district employees aren't sure if the duck family will return but they are happy to have had them as neighbors for awhile.

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