Firefighters and police found hundreds of pot plants inside a South Seattle restaurant that caught fire Monday.

Smoke was reported coming from the My Canh Restaurant, a Vietnamese restaurant located at 6007 Martin LutherKing Way South, just before 8:00 a.m.

Seattle Police were called to join the investigation when firefighters found the hundreds of marijuana plants in the restaurant basement.

Firefighters extinguished the fire after electricians turned off power to the building.

Investigators said the growers were stealing electricity.

Obviously someone's been stealing power, quite a bit of power they've been using, not sure how long, said Jeff Joy of Seattle City Light.

And that was their downfall. The illegal hook-up overloaded the system and caused the fire.

Investigators say the thieves may have been successful farmers, but they weren't good electricians.

It was not done very well. It was a horrible situation, could have been a lot worse, overloaded the conductors into the building, said Joy.

SPDtweeted a picture of the scene: Hundreds of pot plants found in basement of restaurant in 6000 blk of MLK following electrical fire. #secretingredient

A property owner said he did not know about the grow. He said he has not been able to contact the business owner.

KING 5's Gary Chittim, Natasha Ryan and Lindsay Chamberlain compiled this report.

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