There have been four accidental shootings involving children in recent weeks. In two of those cases, the victims where the children of police officers. Now there are questions as to whether the officers in those cases are getting preferential treatment.

Snohomish County prosecutor Mark Roe says he's received calls and emails from the public as to why he hasn't filed charges against Marysville police officer Derek Carlile. Carlile's daughter was shot and killed in the family van by a sibling on March 10th. The kids had been left unattended in the car, and somehow the gun was left in the car as well.

What somebody else does in another case, in another city, involving other people, the facts of which I'm not familiar with, are pretty hard to compare, said Roe.

Lt. Brent Speyer, with the Snohomish County Sheriff's Office, says homicide cases take time and they hope to hand the Carlile case over to the prosecutor's office in approximately two weeks.Both Speyer and Roe say conducting a thorough and unbiased investigation is of the utmost importance.

Yet other jurisdictions havehandled similar cases in far less time. Pierce County prosecutors have filed second degree manslaughter charges against a couple who left a 3 year old boy in a car with a gun. The boy shot and killed himself while the couple was out of the car. It took prosecutors two weeks to file charges.

Spokanepolice are under fire for waiting two days to disclose an accidental shooting involving one of their officers. Officer Barry O'Connell's ten year old daughter accidentally shot herself in the leg on Easter Sunday. Police did not disclose the incident until Tuesday, saying they wanted to give investigators time to handle the case without distraction and give O'Connell's family time to take care of their daughter.

I can't compare this to any other incident because I don't know the facts and circumstances of those incidents, said Lt. Speyer. But this is consistent with the length of time it takes to investigate something like this.

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