MILTON, Wash. -- The condition of the bus driver who suffered a medical emergency while driving a school bus Monday has not been released.

His identity is not known, but the Fife School District said he is a substitute driver and is married.

Exactly six seconds after the driver's hands come off the wheel a teenager in the second row realized something was wrong. Video from inside the bus shows the teen rushed to the front and stops the wheel, pulls the bus over and turns off the ignition.

Other students on board witnessed the whole incident, immediately pulling out their cell phones and urging each other to call 911.

Drivers on the road also called 911.

I was driving and saw the bus coming at me and the kids were trying to take control of the bus, said one caller to emergency dispatchers.

A teen attempted chest compressions on the driver. When paramedics arrived on scene he was rushed to St. Francis Hospital in Federal Way.

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