SEATTLE - There's a new and tech-savvy way to enjoy a hot cup of coffee, thanks to Zipwhip, a Seattle cloud texting startup.

A new machine, called the Textspresso,' was created by the startup to display the power of the company's cloud texting platform. Operated by employee's go-to devices - their Android smart phones - a simple text message to the machine with words such as coffee or latte can signal the machine to brew them their favorite hot drink and have it waiting for them on a warming tray, no matter where they are.

The Textpresso is comprised of more than 300 parts and took roughly 20 days to build.

So far only in the Zipwhip office, the company is focusing on working out a few finishing touches, such as a printer that will apply edible ink on the coffee's foam.

Check out the video demo with Zipwhip CEO John Lauer below.

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