GRAHAM, Wash. -- The Pierce County Sheriff's Department said a search of a storage unit rented by Josh Powell produced nothing of interest in their investigation of the murder-suicide that left Powell and his two young sons dead.

There wasn't anything remarkable in there that stands out, a sheriff's spokesman said Wednesday. There's no smoking gun in there that stands out that's gonna help either case.

The spokesman made a point of commenting on a news report that quoted him as saying authorities were unhappy with the way a dispatcher handled the 911 call made by a social worker moments before Josh Powell set fire to the house that killed him and his boys.

The Seattle Times I guess put something I said, and they've changed it because they misquoted me. They had it wrong, said the spokesman. No one is getting disciplined.

As far as timing goes, or arrivals (by the deputies) to the calls or anything, I don't think that would have changed anything, added the spokesman.

Police have released 911 recordings that reveal the social worker's frantic attempts to alert authorities that Powell had locked himself and his two sons inside the Graham home.

The recordings released by the Pierce County Sheriff's office revealed the social worker screamed He exploded the house! after the fire erupted.

Investigators continue to uncover details of what Josh Powell did in the 24 hours before the fatal fire.

Through the whole thing we have not found a location that he talked to or anybody he spoke to where he made any hints or accusations of what was going to happen, said the spokesman. There's nobody that knows, that could have known, what was going to happen.

According to court documents filed in Pierce County, police say Josh Powell withdrew $7,000 from a Bank of America branch in unincorporated Pierce County on Saturday. Investigators believe the money may have gone to a family member and were tracking the money from the bank. They were also obtaining surveillance photos and videos from the bank, which they expect to release on Thursday.

Police have also recovered a box of toys and books belonging to the Powell boys that Josh had donated at a location along Meridian Road. A woman making a donation spotted Powell's name on the box and called police.

Police were compiling a timeline of events leading up to Sunday's fatal fire and planned to release it later Wednesday or Thursday.

The sheriff's office has also filed a search warrant to seize the phone, phone records and voicemails of Josh Powell's sister, Alina Powell. Upon learning Josh was dead, Alina showed detectives four emails he had sent her, but wouldn't allow them to copy them and refused to give them her phone.

Alina became upset and refused to allow Det. (Gary) Sanders to copy the emails and refused to provide the phone to Det. Sanders, said the court documents.

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