PACIFIC, Wash. - Cy Sun seemed a bit stunned by the news.

A retired farmer, Korean War vet with a purple heart, he was too late to get his name printed on the ballot, but decided to run as a write-in candidate.

Because nobody else is going to clean up the mess that's in there, he said.

Sun says he spent day after day walking the two-and-a-half square miles of Pacific. The 81-year-old says he knocked on every door three times, handing out his campaign memo, accusing the mayor of corruption and promising that if elected he would forfeit his salary.

I can't be bribed, I've got a damn good conscience, Sun writes.

I've never been a mayor, I've never been in politics, he said.

I'm really fearful for our city, said Mayor Richard Hildreth.

After eight years in office, Hildreth learned from us that he'd lost by 70 votes.

I don't think the citizens are going to be too happy with what they see changed, he said.

Hildreth accuses his opponents of twisting the facts, from accusations about his personal utility bill to allegations about his expenses that he used the part-time mayor's position to launch a new career in emergency management.

My water bill may have been paid late, but I always paid the late fee, said Hildreth.

Pacific has had a history of having some pretty nasty elections, this was the worst that I've ever seen, he said.

He got away by double talking, said Sun.

The new mayor pledges to make city hall more open and to re-examine some of the city's two dozen employees, who he says, make way too much.

To tell you the truth, I'm going to kick out the people that are the money grabbers. I'm going to find some way to get them out, he said.

Pacific has dealt with plenty of flooding issues and Hildredth says the city benefitted from the 80 courses he took in emergency management.

He eventually plans to retire as an electrician and teach emergency management classes.

The new mayor says he doesn't plan to talk with Hildreth about a transition. He says it doesn't matter how things have been done, he wants to start something new.

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