KENT, Wash. Detectives and the gang unit were on scene Saturday afternoon. Crime scene investigators were on scene through the night.

The rest of the parking lot looked like a ghost town covered in yellow and red crime tape.

Whether it was one suspect or many, whoever shot up a strip mall car show in Kent around 4:15 p.m. Saturday escaped in the ensuing chaos.

There were a couple hundred people and everyone was just kind of running away, said Barbara Belk, manager of a nearby restaurant. A lot of cars were getting out as fast as they can.It was a car show with a lot of old cars and people looked like they wanted to get their cars out.

I just laid down... when I saw all the people running away, said car show participant Alejandro Lara, I justheard the shots, boom boom boom boom.

The shooting happened outside the Des Moines Goodwill in the23000 block ofPacific Highway.Hundreds of people were gathered for a car show when a fight broke out and that ended up with gunfire.

The scene being so large, said Kent Police Sergeant Jarod Kasner, there's a lot of information to sift through.

Because part of the shopping center is considered within the city of Kent, Kent Police are leading the investigation.

Seven victims weretransported to multiple hospitals. One person declined treatment. The rest apparently self-transported to nearby medical centers, said investigators. The extent of the victims' injuries was not immediately released, but are said to be non-life threatening.

Business owners in the area were asked to close while police investigated. Misa Nguyen with ProNails Salon said about 15 people in the store crammed into their two bathrooms when they heard the gunshots.

At firstI thought it was fireworks, but it was actually gunshots because I saw so many people scattering around outside, Nguyen said.

Officers from Kent, Des Moines and the King County Sheriff's Office were on the scene.

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