SILVERDALE, Wash. A Central Kitsap High School senior could face criminal charges after allegedly exposing himself in a yearbook photo.

It was funny but at the same time, I was like, 'What was he thinking?' said Sasha Childres, a senior at Central Kitsap High School.

The school scrambled to replace the wrestling team photo, but some 300 copies of the yearbook were already handed out before the problem was discovered by a staff member Monday. The school district said the student showed his genitals in the picture.

He just pulled part of his private part out on top of his shorts and showed it in the picture, said Childres. It s not a good sight to see.

Everybody knows about it. Everybody s seen it, said sophomore Melanie Murphy.

We consider this an unfortunate situation, said David Beil, Central Kitsap School District spokesperson.

The photo was submitted by the wrestling coach and approved by the yearbook's faculty supervisor, the district said.

Students say the school tried to black out the photo with a Sharpie, but the ink was easily removed with hand sanitizer.

The remaining 600 yearbooks have now been corrected with replacement photo sticker. If someone tries to remove it, it will tear the original page. As for the other 300 yearbooks, the photo sticker is available to those students if they want it.

The district will not reveal the student's age, what class he was in or what punishment he was given by the school.

Classmates say he is an 18-year-old senior. They say he was required to pay for the replacement photos and was banned from walking at graduation ceremonies on Thursday.

The teen is under investigation for possible indecent exposure, but the Kitsap County Sheriff's Office said it will be up to prosecutors to decide on charges.

His mother would not comment on the case.

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