BOTHELL, Wash. -- Governor Christine Gregoire says she will not intervene in the early parole of a man who killed a 13-year-old girl in 1982.

Kristen Sumstad, 13, was murdered in 1982. Her body was found behind aTV store in Seattle s Magnolia neighborhood.

It took two decades for police to arrest her killer. Detectives used a ruse to trick John Nicholas Athan into licking an envelope, sealing his fate with DNA evidence.

Now, Athan has served seven years of his ten year sentence, and could be released as early as June 6.The parole board found Athan had improved and was not likely to re-offend.

You could probably kick a cop in the shins and get more than seven years, already, says James Carey, a friend of Kristen s sister.

Carrey started a Facebook support page to keep Athan in prison.

But today, Governor Gregoire made it clear she would not intervene.

I don't think it's the job of the Governor to overrule the board if I just disagree with them, said Gregoire. I believe I have to see if there's a mistake and I haven't seen one yet that's been brought to my attention.

Athan would reportedly live in east King County and be supervised in Bellevue.

His attorney could not be reached tonight. The Sumstad family declined to comment.
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