TACOMA, Wash. -- Tacoma Police say they are hunting for an arsonist after a third fire at Point Defiance Park in the last two weeks. The latest happened Monday night.

All of the arsons happened at night. Police say they have no suspects and they're not even sure they're dealing with one arsonist.

Jim Hoiland has been coming to the park for more than 50 years and can't imagine why someone would want to destroy it.

Hoiland says, I don't think they have a clue of the big picture of what they're doing to the community here. That's what bothers me.

In the last two weeks, an arsonist struck three times, first setting the trash cans on fire along Owen Beach. Then a half million dollars worth of damage was done to the historic Pagoda after it was set on fire last week. Then, Monday night, someone sent the trash can on fire in a restroom.

All the fires have happened when the park is closed. Tacoma Police are stepping up patrols and Metro Parks Tacoma has hired security detail.

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