ROME The world figure skating championships that were postponed after the deadly earthquake and tsunami in Japan may be moving to Vancouver, B.C.

Canada and the United States are among six countries entering bids to host the event.

International Skating Union president Ottavio Cinquanta told The Associated Press on Tuesday that the bids are from Russia (Moscow), Canada (Vancouver, British Columbia), the United States (Colorado Springs, Colo., or Lake Placid, N.Y.), Finland (Turku), Croatia and Austria.

The Croatia offer is likely Zagreb, while Cinquanta believes Graz is Austria's offer.

Skate Canada offered the Pacific Coliseum, the figure skating venue at last year's Vancouver Olympics, and said it could host April 18-24 or May 16-22.

Russia appears to be the leading candidate, with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin having spoken in favor of the bid Tuesday, saying this is not a very expensive event and we are capable of taking care of all the expenses.

The ISU council will vote Wednesday or Thursday on the site and determine the dates in late April or early May. There are 11 members of the council but Cinquanta will only vote if there's a tie.

Russia is a big country for skating, Cinquanta said. Russia's is a strong bid, just like the others.

Russia held the worlds in 2005 at the Luzhniki sports complex in central Moscow. But the ITAR-Tass news agency cited Russian figure skating federation president Alexander Gorshkov as saying that the most likely venue for the championships would be the Megasport arena, which is newer but far from the center.

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